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Anger Busting Channel Partners

Join us in our Fight. 

We are looking to establish a working relationship across the US and Canada with folks who are: Social Workers, Ministers, Psychologists, School Counselors, Athletic Coaches, Probation Officers, Law Enforcement Professionals, Teachers and Therapists to name a few, and provide them with everything they need to build an exceptional, innovative and highly effective Anger Management Training business.

We at the Anger Management Training Institute LLC (AMTI) are pleased to announce a bold and exciting new step in our effort to help people achieve genuine, lasting freedom from anger problems and anger addiction. The latest front in our war on anger will now be waged through AMTI’s new Anger Busting™ Channel Partner Program.

The Channel Partner Program works like this:

  • We will select at least one group or individual to represent our clinically based anger training services and products in each metropolitan area in the US and Canada.
  • We will Train and Certify these individuals to function with the highest degree of effectiveness while using our Court Certified and NAADAC approved Anger Busting™ strategies, techniques, games and classroom materials. These individuals will be prepared by us (on an on going basis) to set the standards for Anger Management Intervention Programs and Counseling Sessions in their own community.
  • We will also Train and Certify our Channel Partners in the use of over 25 unique customized Anger Busting™ teaching and counseling products (see table at the end of this message).

It gets even better:

  • We will train and actively help our Channel Partners with the effective continuous marketing and building of their own or their association’s anger management related businesses. We will even help our Channel Partners with marketing their anger management businesses over the Internet, including helping them to organize and optimize their existing website so it will accurately target the clients they want to reach, and to help their web site rank high among other websites that are competing for the same business. For those Channel Partners who don’t have a website, we will (quickly) design and create an eight-page website for them and have it hosted on our dedicated world class server!
  • We will also provide our Channel Partners with a continuing stream of Sales Leads and Personal requests for counseling. Our six-member internal marketing staff in Houston is being overwhelmed with requests from across the continent by desperate people seeking help with anger management issues. These inquiries come to us each day from across North America via our network of marketing websites and print media campaigns. Our highest goal is to provide each person that contacts us with access to personal, certified, professional, EFFECTIVE Anger Management Training and Counseling. For this reason, we will route to our Channel Partners all leads and requests for anger management services that come to us from within their general geographic service areas.
  • Our Training Programs are certified by NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals). NAADAC is the nation’s most prestigious organization of addiction counseling providers. Our Licenses, Certifications and Credentials are accepted around the country by State Organizations and State and Local Court Systems and many City Governments. What this means is that our Anger Busting™ Channel Partners will have a seamless avenue to open and conduct their own business in any US or Canadian City.

Here is what we expect from you as our Channel Partner:

First we need to receive a resume or vita from each person or group interested in establishing a partnership arrangement. Once we accept you and/or your group as a potential partner, we will schedule you for a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist training workshop/seminar (40-Lesson Online Training plus Two 2 Full Classroom days) in a convenient location.

Once you have completed your training and have been certified as an Anger Busting™ Channel Partner, we do require that you agree to assist us in ensuring the quality and integrity of the Anger Busting™ program by purchasing one Anger Busting™ participant workbook (at a 50% discount off of the very affordable retail price of $14.95) for each person trained in any workshop or counseling session you conduct.

  • Your clients/customers will receive double the value! Each client or customer who purchases a Participant Workbook will receive a unique password to log on to our partner website and take our supplemental online anger training course, consisting of eight 15-minute lessons. After each of the eight lessons there is a built-in short graded quiz which must be passed with a score of 80% or greater for the student to go on to the next lesson. We encourage the use of this unique online training resource to assure you that the clients/customers attending your workshops or going through your counseling sessions will be prepared and have a strong, common foundation for the work they are undertaking. It also provides assurance that they will be meeting Judicial Requirements. This online training can be used in several different ways: As pre-work before clients/customers attend your workshops, or as nightly homework exercises between workshop classes. Also, as an added bonus, once your clients/customers complete any Anger Busting™ Training Workshop, they will be able to log on to our website and download a handsome, customized certificate of completion which is suitable for framing. We have four different online certificates available which cover one-day, two-day, three-day and four-day training classes. This online system guarantees you that your client’s requirements for proof that they have completed an anger management program will be met, and that they will receive the appropriate certificate with the least amount of effort on your part.
  • If you are not a licensed mental health provider, you can still become a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and an Anger Busting™ Channel Partner. Even though the majority of those seeking to become Channel Partners are licensed mental health providers in fields such as licensed professional counseling, chemical dependency counseling, criminal justice probation, etc., we find that many persons outside of the licensed mental health field also make excellent Channel Partners. Most states limit the practice of counseling or psychotherapy for a fee to those who have complied with regulations defined in statute; however, such is not the case in matters of anger management training. As long as you do not promote your services to be in any way defined as counseling or therapy, do not promote a benefit for a specific mental health diagnosis, and make it clear that you are offering classes or training for education in anger management, you are eligible to provide anger management training services for a fee and be in compliance with applicable regulations in most states. The first step in determining if you would be eligible to become a Channel Partner is to submit a resume or vita to us.

What is YOUR next step to become an Anger Busting™ Channel Partner?

To begin the process of becoming a Channel Partner we need a copy of your resume or vita. Then you must enroll in our live Certified Anger Resolution Therapist training class and complete the online prework. In addition to two days of outstanding, intensive hands-on training, each Channel Partner will also receive:

  • One copy of James A. Baker’s best selling Anger Busting™ Workbook (216 Pages) Bayou Publishing 2005.
  • One copy of James A. Baker’s Anger Busting™ Training and Counseling Guide (110 page Administration Guide for using the Workbook to work with men’s groups, women’s groups, couples or individuals) Bayou Publishing 2006.
  • One copy of the Anger Busting™ Participants Workbook, the student resource we require that your clients/customers purchase for use in all Anger Busting™ Training


  • A CD with the Anger Busting™ Training Administration Power Point (45 slides).
  • Access to our Online Certified Anger Resolution Therapist training class to prepare for your participation in the live, hands on workshop.
  • In addition, when you complete both the Online pre-work and the live class, you will receive 32 NAADAC Approved CEU 's.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have been accepted and paid for the Channel Partner training, we will not refund your registration fee should you decide to cancel. Because of the limited seats in each class, your payment reserves your seat, which prevents us from selling it to someone else. If your cancellation was due to an emergency, we will make an effort to place you in a future class, should space become available.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Even after you have been accepted into the program and paid your registration fee, you MUST successfully complete the Online Certified Anger Resolution Therapist course in order to be eligible to participate in the live portion of the Channel Partner training class. The online course contains 39 lessons, and 40 tests. Each lesson and test takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Please plan your pre-work schedule accordingly.

For more information on our Channel Partner program contact us

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